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Curricular Links

A practical guide on using the township of Auchtavan as a Learning resource. Aimed at supporting teachers from all disciplines in delivering the Curriculum for Excellence and at those who work with and help people to broaden their horizons.

Auchtavan is situated in the Cairngorms National Park. Find about more about visiting or getting involved with National Parks and National Nature Reserves


Suggested Subject Links

Subject The Place The People Resources
English Descriptive writing Creative writing, poetry Literature
Mathematics Distances, areas, maps, scales, graphs, charts Population statistics Statistical records
Gaelic Place names People’s names

Local language


Maps, parish records, graveyards
History Development of settlement. Links with others. Population changes, occupations, way of life, clans, feudal lords, clearances Parish records, estate records, Braemar Castle
Geography Topography, climate, drainage, geology, mapping Transport, farming, sustainability, communities. Parish records, estate records
Science Weather, temperature, flora and fauna, energy, water. Agriculture

Life expectancy

Meteorological records, estate records
Home Econ. Houses, cooking facilities, fuel. Food, diet, clothing, health Estate records
Technology Structure of buildings, machinery, water, drainage Transport, heat, water Buildings
Art Drawing, painting, photography, landscape, flora, fauna Drawing, painting, photography, people, dress Aberdeen Art Gallery, G.W.W. Collection.

Braemar Castle- James. Giles Collection

Music Music and songs Music and songs Elphinstone Collection
Drama Presentations Cheviot and the Stag
PE Growth, nutrition, Highland Games Games records and journals
RME Church buildings, graveyards Catholicism, Presbyterianism. Ministers and priests, worship Parish records